Hello, friends. Welcome to Neurofriends.

Neurofriends is a podcast about the brain and the scientists who love it, hosted by students at Stanford University and produced by Sarah Hillenbrand.

Each episode, we host an expert for science show-and-tell. These guests are neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and biologists–so far. We ask guests to tell us about one┬áscientific study that they were not a part of. Why? Because they have to talk about their own work all the time and this is more fun. We’re interested in hearing whose work they admire and why it impresses them. We’re interested in stories about how science gets done. We asked them to bring us something that blew their mind, changed the way they thought about the brain, or made their own scientific research possible. Whatever they want to talk about, we are here for it.

Student hosts will take you through the experiments–not just the results. Along the way we’ll uncover crucial context, tales of triumph and of woe, a-ha moments, mad-scientist ideas, and honestly, whatever else comes up, we are not planning these chats too much. We just want to be your new Neurofriends.


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