Watch this space!

5 guests in, and we finally remember to take a picture!

Season 1 is shaping up nicely. Here’s a list of the neurofriends who have visited our studio, in no particular order, and what we talked about:

Dr. Eric Chan: Could magic mushrooms be the next antidepressant for cancer patients?

Dr. Levi Gadye: How does information flow through the retina?

Dr. Ian Greenhouse: What can poking leeches can tell us the human motor system?

Dr. Sharon Greenblum: Could your gut bacteria be controlling your brain?

Dr. Chris Holdgraf: Can we read thoughts from the surface of the brain, and why do we try?

Once episodes are up, they’ll be on Soundcloud and iTunes. For now, you can follow us on Soundcloud. We’re also on Twitter as @Neurofriendship.

Get excited! In the meantime, please enjoy this list of rejected (and accepted!) podcast names.

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